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Learn to love the life you have and build the life you want.


Welcome to Wellbeing!

My job is to help you rediscover your joy and connect you to your sense of purpose in life. My passion is your happiness, resilience and sense of being able to thrive no matter what life may throw at you.

Over the last 15 years in business, and previously through my own journey recovering from burnout, I’ve carefully curated a suite of services that work on all layers of a human being. You’ll find grounded techniques to help you feel physically well, energetically and emotionally balanced, mentally clear and in tune with yourself.

I’ll help you build your own healthy practice that will keep you feeling confident and capable – how you want to be – as you build the life you dream of.

I work with people recovering from injury, preparing for and recovering from surgery, transitioning through pregnancy and menopause, and particularly with burnout and the feeling of having lost your joie de vivre.

I also help people build relationships, careers, and dreams, knowing when to say yes, and when to say no, and how to be yourself in the world.

I’m a certified Human Potential Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher, Energy Healer and Trainer. I teach at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in central London, and am a regular guest on podcasts and blogs in health and wellbeing.


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Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a stellar wellbeing tool. It works by directing the flow of healing energy to wherever it is needed for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Our clients report feeling deeply relaxed and note an increase in positivity and resilience over time, feeling more joy.


Price: £70

Private Yoga Tuition

Yoga is a beautiful ancient tradition used to find physical health, emotional balance and spiritual wellbeing. I teach classical hatha yoga, incorporating physical postures, breathing control, and mindfulness techniques. Private sessions allow you to work with your body’s flow and capability.


Price: £70


Private Pregnancy Yoga Class

Yoga classes for pregnancy are focused on helping you to relax, to feel strong and calm, and to give you time to bond with your baby. We’ll adapt postures so that you can practice safely, and we’ll work on relieving any tension or discomfort you may have. This is the time for YOU to be nurtured.


Price: £70

Personal Meditation Tuition

One to one meditation tuition is a brilliant way to get exactly what YOU need from this tool. Are you looking to relax? To deal with anxiety or stress? To support you dealing with a health condition? Or would you like to fuel your creativity? To train yourself to be positive? Beginners are very welcome.


Price: £70

Life Coaching Discovery Session

Your life is your canvas. Your opportunity to create a masterpiece that you are proud of – true to yourself, your dreams, your feelings and desires, while meeting your obligations. If this isn’t how it’s happening, let’s explore why not and reset you on your path with confidence, clarity and purpose.


Price: £150


Life Coaching Follow-Up Session

Follow-up sessions allow us to continue to work on your goals and objectives so that you continue to create your ‘no regrets’ life. We’ll look at beliefs that may be holding you back, experiences that still need to be resolved, resources you may not realise you can call on, and step by step actions.


Price: £100

Bach Flower Essences Consultation

Bach Flower Essences (think Rescue Remedy) are a well-known and gentle way to support your emotional wellbeing and gain insight into life. This session provides time to explore your current situation and feelings, and equips you with soothing flower essences to help you resolve them and find peace.


Price: £70

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"I always feel incredibly pampered when I visit Vita Skin Spa. It has a lovely warm, relaxing atmosphere. The therapists are all very professional and knowledgeable and theres an extensive range of treatments."

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