Wellness for Cancer Approved Centre


In 2015 Vita became a Wellness for Cancer Approved Spa. One of only 5 spas in the UK to have been awarded this accolade at the time, we were extremely proud to be one of them.

Some of you may have experienced first hand or through a friend, that currently in the UK most spas do not offer treatments to those suffering from or recovering from cancer. If you have experienced this, you will know that when going through cancer treatments, you want to be able to pamper yourself and most importantly to relax. Many many studies have shown that relaxation plays a huge role in helping cancer patients cope with treatment and in recovery. Treatments and their drugs can cause big skin changes and who better to help with this than experienced spa therapists. Nail changes are also experienced with many treatments and having an experienced therapist help you with the care of your nails or simply to paint them for you can be a real help.

Most importantly those going through cancer will be able to enjoy time at the spa knowing that their therapist is knowledgable about the side effects they may be experiencing and knows how to help.

Our whole team has undergone fantastic training with Wellness for Cancer who have accredited us a cancer aware comprehensive spa. We can offer massage, facials and skincare advice and manicures, pedicures and nail care advice. We have the tools to help with neuropathy and lymphodema and can work at any stage of cancer treatment including active treatment. Most importantly we should never have to turn you away. When energy levels are low and some factors mean massage is not an option on that day, we have wonderful relaxing holding techniques so we can always create a place of safe haven and relaxation at a time when it is needed the most. Sufferers never need worry about surgery sites or ports, we are trained to work with them to find comfortable positions and to work safely around any equipment they may have.

For more information on our cancer aware treatments and what we can offer, do contact us and arrange a consultation. You may not know what treatment you would like but you can simply book a time slot and we will choose a treatment together that fits with your energy on that specific day. Perhaps you will want a massage or after a hard week of treatment you may like to go for a relaxing holding treatment with a reflex point foot massage. If your skin is in need of some TLC, we can include a facial with skincare tailored to your needs.

The Butterfly Ritual

Cocoon in safety and transform the mind.

This ritual is an adaptable treatment and your therapist will tailor your session to meet your needs on the day that you are with us at the spa.

You may not know what treatment you would like or need, so take away the stress of choosing in advance. The butterfly ritual will be designed for you, once you have had your consultation with your cancer aware therapist.

Perhaps a full body massage with a relaxing pressure point foot massage or perhaps an energy holding treatment with a face and scalp massage. We can combine techniques to help with chemotherapy induced neuropathy and can work with those suffering from lymphedema. There is no need to worry about ports or surgery sites, we are trained to work safely around these and can position you comfortably. This ritual will help ease tensions in the body as well as easing the mind. Most importantly we can create a place of safe haven and relaxation and help with some of your treatment side effects.

This treatment is suitable at all stages of your cancer diagnosis, from initial diagnosis, during active cancer treatment to those in recovery or indeed those receiving end of life care.

£75 – 90 mins

Soulful Escape Ritual

Working with the same concept as our butterfly ritual, this treatment is completely customisable.

It is a shorter treatment so allows for perhaps a back massage with a pressure point foot massage or a face and scalp massage. A chance to escape, in the safe hands of a cancer aware therapist and emerge feeling tranquil.

£50 – 1 hour

Power of a Healing Touch

This facial is designed to help combat the skin changes that occur during cancer treatments.

Your experienced skin therapist knows how to help with the dry skin and skin changes you may be noticing. The facial is completely prescriptive, products will be chosen for you after your consultation and your facial will be combined with massage techniques to relax aching muscles and tired minds.

This treatment can be done at all stages of cancer diagnosis, though occasionally after consultation, your therapist may suggest an alternative such as the soulful escape, to ensure we never need turn you away.

£50 – 1 hour

Energy Rescue

This one hour treatment is the perfect way to help energy levels as well as creating relaxation to leave you with a clearer mind.

Your therapist will combine massage and reflexology to create a bespoke treatment. This treatment can be given at all stages of your cancer diagnosis.

£42 – 1 hour

Manicure or Pedicure

During cancer treatments, your nails can become brittle and dry and you can experience a lot of nail changes.

Our knowledgeable therapists can tend to your nails and give expert advice for you to use going forward. Unfortunately gels cannot be applied during cancer treatment, however, you can choose to leave the nails without polish and with a nail strengthener or we can apply an OPI polish of your choice.

This treatment can be done at any stage of your cancer diagnosis, though there may be some instances when your therapist cannot apply polish to your nails and will advise you to have a strengthener instead.

Manicure – £35 – 1 hour
Pedicure – £35 – 1 hour

Please call us to arrange an appointment, our receptionist will be able to tailor your treatment for your specific needs.

"Vita Skin Spa is my happy little oasis of calm. It's clean and luxurious, the staff are warm friendly and highly skilled. Thank you for always making me feel special."

TripAdvisor review

"I always feel incredibly pampered when I visit Vita Skin Spa. It has a lovely warm, relaxing atmosphere. The therapists are all very professional and knowledgeable and theres an extensive range of treatments."

TripAdvisor review

"I have always liked this spa for the range of treatments as well as the professionalism and knowledge of the therapists"

Treatwell review

“Gorgeous spa, with friendly welcoming staff. I felt instantly at ease, and thoroughly enjoyed my visit.”

Treatwell review

“This spa is a wonderful Haven to escape our busy world. As soon as you walk through the door you just relax. I've had several treatments and each one has been fantastic and relaxing making me leave feeling like I'm a different person. The girls are so good, professional and lovely that they put you at ease straight away. Its my little place of Heaven.”

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“I love this Spa, it is a little sanctuary in a busy city. It is always clean, tidy, well managed and well staffed; on top of that it offers such a great selection of treatments, from general beauty maintenance, to really special treats"

Treatwell review

“Amazing spa, right in the middle of town! Absolutely love going to Vita, even just for my routine maintenance appointments, as you are always made to feel extremely welcome, the venue is immaculate, and the treatments are professional and comfortable.”

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