Laser Hair Removal - SHR (Super Hair Removal)

laser hair removal salisbury, wiltshire

Laser Hair Removal in Salisbury and NOW AVAILABLE in Winchester, Hanpshire

SHR Laser Hair Removal, is the new and far improved way of removing hair and permanent hair reduction. Unlike traditional and IPL laser hair removal SHR is much faster, meaning you can pop in on your lunch break and have laser hair removal quickly and efficiently. It can be done all year round, even with a tan and unlike traditional hair removal machines, it works on all hair colours.

We are so excited about this amazing technology and bringing it to Vita Skin Spa, Salisbury, Wiltshire, and now to Winchester in Hampshire. With also being one the the first Medi Spa’s in the south of england outside London, and being within easy reach of Andover, Winchester, Bournemouth, Shaftesbury, or wherever you are in Wiltshire, Hamphire or Dorset you are close enough to become hair free, pain free. Using the latest German technology from Cosmedico and with therapists trained to equivalent of CIBTAC Level 4 in Laser and IPL you can be assured you are in safe hands.

SHR – Super Hair Removal
This treatment involves shooting light pulses on the part of the body to be depilated using a wavelength spectrum matched to the skin and hair type. The light energy is immediately converted into heat by the melanin (pigment) in the hair. This is channelled along the shaft of the hair down to the root. The thermal reaction here causes irreversible damage to the nutrient cells of the hair root – which are now unable to produce any more hairs.

Research has shown that this gentle & incremental heating process is more efficient than the high intensity & high temperatures that are associated with IPL/laser, delivering better results in the treatment of permanent hair reduction.
Combined with e-motion technology SHR delivers better, faster, safer and more gentle treatments than traditional Laser & IPL.

ASC: Active Skin Cooling
Treatment efficiency and comfort is further enhanced with ASC. The incorporated advanced and adjustable water cooling allows for head pieces to be chilled to -4. ASC enhances clinical results, whilst ensuring minimal discomfort or epidermal damage even in the darkest skin types.

e-motion- Technology, Fast & Effective
e-motion technology is a breakthrough in the safe & effective delivery of SHR light energy in the treatment of both hair reduction and skin rejuvenation. Incorporating a unique “wanding” action the clinician will repeatedly “sweep” the SHR hand piece over the target area whilst delivering the fast-pulse, low-energy light directly into the skin. Medium and large areas take a fraction of the time traditionally required with treatments up-to 50% shorter.

All Skin Types
SHR gradually heats the skin until the required level is delivered directly to the hair follicle without causing trauma to skin that contains high pigment count or dark skin types. This unique targeted approach also allows for increased treatment results in fair skin and blonde hair, previously not possible with IPL laser hair removal.

Tanned Skin
The unique way that SHR affects the melanin directly in the hair follicle allows for treatments at any time of year – even on tanned skin (not possible with IPL).


Small area (e.g. upper lip, chin, cheeks) – £40 per session / £335 Course of 10

Medium area (e.g. underarms, half face, standard bikini) – £75 per session / £625 Course of 10

Large area (e.g. brazilian, arms, 1/2 legs, full face) – £140 per session / £1165 Course of 10

Extra large area (e.g. full legs, back, chest and abs, hollywood) – £175 / £1455 Course of 10

We also offer discounts for doing more than one area at a time. Please call us to get prices for the combinations that you require.

Please note, you will need a course of ten. This is sometimes enough, however, you may require an additional course of 5, different areas may require a different number of sessions. Results vary from person to person and per area treated.

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