Gentle face wash for dogs by Ollie & Co

£8.00 Including VAT

Our Gentle Face Wash for Dogs is 100% natural and made with dog-friendly plant extracts and ingredients. Our gentle face wash focuses on these hard to reach delicate areas which can accumulate dirt and grime build up especially around the mouth from eating and saliva discharge which over time can form discolouration and staining.



Product Features:
– Fragrance free & Colour free
– Plant Based
– Coat conditioning Wheat Proteins
– Naturally derived cleansing ingredients to remove dirt and grime and gradually remove staining to maintain a stain free appearance.

Free from animal derived ingredients/ vegetarian/ vegan friendly/ Free from sulphates (SLES & SLS) synthetic colours/ alcohol/ silicone/ parabens/ Cruelty free Tested on Humans

Apply the gentle face wash to your wet hands and work into a lather and massage into the coat around the mouth. Towel dry and allow to dry naturally. Use as required to maintain hygiene and appearance.

bottles can be recycled (not pump)

Our products contain cosmetic grade ingredients and cosmetic grade ingredients are not allowed under the regulation to be tested on animals since March 2013

Made in the UK – 270ml


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