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Our therapists

We are proud to have experienced, highly qualified therapists ready to pamper you here at Vita Skin Spa. All of our therapists are friendly and are here to look after you so come on in and meet them.


Nikki & Julian Spicer - Spa Directors

About us

Nikki's career began when she trained in Sports Massage with The London School of Sports Massage in 2003, during her time studying Musical Theatre and Professional Dance at The Urdang Academy. She then went on to train with Body Control Pilates to become a qualified instructor. She also trained with Well Mother in pregnancy massage and also trained in swedish massage. In 2005 she opened The Well Body Centre for complementary therapies and during that time opened Vita Skin Spa within The Well Body Centre treating from just one room with two therapists. Nikki has trained in many other treatments along the way, including our slimming treatments, but continues to mainly offer advanced massage. In 2012 Vita Skin Spa moved upstairs above 26 St Ann Street. The new spa was to have a new relaxation room, double treatment rooms and much more space to pamper you in! After a successful first year, 2013 began with further expansion and we now have a total of seven treatment rooms, including four double treatment rooms, the relaxation room, a private sauna room and two dedicated express treatment rooms. In the summer of 2012 Julian joined the Vita Skin Spa team full-time, managing operations, technical support and to work with Nikki in the general management and future growth of the spa, having been in the background part-time since the beginning. Previously his career was in telecoms, and was a Sales Director of a Vodafone Platinum dealer for 15 years. Since the expansion of Vita, the spa has grown each year, as has our wonderful team.

Nikki & Julian married in 2010 and have two small children, Zachary (7) & Amelia (5).



Laura Watts - Beauty Therapist and Spa Manager

Laura joined us from another Salisbury based salon, starting in May 2014, she brings a wealth of experience (over 8 years) treating the ladies (and gents) of Salisbury, she was previously based within a local Gym and before that she was treating at the Spa in Sandy Balls Holiday Village in the New Forest. Laura is one of our Skinbreeze specialists and is also Kim Lawless trained in intimate waxing. Laura is an integral part of our team, always has a smile, and will ensure you leave happy and relaxed.

In January 2016, Laura became our Spa manager and is one of our Dermalogica 'Specialists'.

Q & A with Laura:
Why did you get into the beauty industry?
'I used to watch my mum go for her sugaring treatments from a very young age, I was one of those annoying kids who wanted to be an inch away from every treatment just to really make sure I'd seen it properly, and then I'd ask questions about why the therapist did something... and how...
So it's safe to say that I was 100% interested early on. But the main reason that I wanted to get into the beauty world, was helping people. I think there are people out there with confidence issues, health problems, sometimes just wanting company or a chin wag... I like being able to help someone with all of these qualities and hopefully perform a treatment (however big or small) good enough for them to leave, wanting to return again.'
What is your tip for beautiful skin?
'My tip for beautiful skin... Give it attention and stay hydrated.
Incredibly basic rules to follow - drinking plenty of water will have an immense effect not just on your skin's hydration but also the regeneration of skin cells and healing attributes.
Giving it attention - I tend not to preach about certain brands being better than others to use because quite honestly all of us are so individual; there will always be something different out there to try that may work for one person beautifully and not so well for the other. So my advice is: As long as you are doing the basics of washing your skin and moisturising... let us treat you to the rest, but don't expect things to happen overnight. Skin is slow at showing you whether something is working. Be patient with a new facial/new product... give it a chance to work.'
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
'I get asked this so much by my clients and my answer is always the same. I love everything. EVERYTHING.
I love the satisfaction of a well shaped eyebrow, a beautifully painted nail, a buffed and smoothed heal, a pummelled muscle or a evenly sprayed fake bake... as well as all the other treatments on the price list at Vita. I think I was always meant to be in beauty because I enjoy it all.'



Chelsea Kirkbride - Guest Services Manager

Having worked at Aqua Sana within Centre Parcs Longleat for the last 3 years as a therapist and within Guest services, we welcomed Chelsea to Vita in 2015. Prior to Aqua Sana, Chelsea was onboard 'Celebrity Reflection' in the Carribean as a spa therapist.

Chelseas experience within the industry allows her to make great recommendations and advice over the phone and within the Spa, and she will make sure your visit is everything you expect it to be.

In 2016 Chelsea became Guest services manager.

Q & A with Chelsea:
Why did you get into the Beauty industry?
'I always loved the thought of travelling whilst carrying out beauty treatments and pampering people. After I qualified, I worked at Center Parcs aqua sana for 2 years and decided that as I had gained experience it was time to fulfil my dream, so I did exactly that. I worked on a cruise ship for 7 months sailing around the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, and it was a great experience that I won't forget.'
What is your tip for beautiful skin?
'Try out different brands and find the one both you and your skin love. Make sure you have a strict routine of daily cleansing, toning and moisturising, and exfoliating twice a week. Along with drinking plenty of water and wearing a daily spf.'
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
'I've taken a step back from doing treatments for now. This is so that I can learn different areas of the beauty industry, rather than just carrying out the treatments, although I do still keep my hand in beauty by doing treatments here and there. My favourite treatments to perform as a therapist are facials, purely because of the fact that you can see the results yourself as well as the clients feeling them. '




Ivana Litvajova - Beauty Therapist

Ivana joined Vita in early 2014, but has been part of the beauty industry since 2009, she is highly qualified having trained in the Slovak Republic and here in the UK, having moved here in 2001.

Ivana loves body and face treatments and loves to see clients get the results they wished for, she is one of our Skinbreeze microdermabrasion trained experts and is also Kim Lawless trained in intimate waxing.

Q & A with Ivana:
Why did you get into the beauty industry?
'I decided to join the beauty industry because I had a passion for beauty from a young age, I fell in love with beauty and the results that could be achieved'. What is your tip for beautiful skin?
One of the things I keep hearing is "I'm just too busy to look after my skin" - I do understand that time is precious and we all make decisions on how best to use the time we have - running around after your family, work commitments, late nights, etc......BUT....my experience is that having a bit of knowledge and a tried and tested range of products on hand in the bathroom (not your bedside cabinet!!) usually goes a long way to making things easier for you.
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
'Skinbreeze has certainly become my the most favourite that I highly recommend to all of my clients as it works - skin gets deeply fed with nutrients, & results are visible'. I also enjoy other facials and the satisfaction of waxing.




Sam Cousen - Beauty Therapist

Sam joined Vita in January 2015, one of our beauty therapists. Sam is a very bubbly and welcoming individual. She has a great passion for beauty and has 8 years experience in the industry. In 2017 Sam became one of our Dermalogica 'Specialists'.

Q & A with Sam:
Why did you get into the beauty industry?
'I knew I always wanted to be a beauty therapist from a young age. I love every aspect of the beauty industry. I love meeting new people and helping them feel amazing.'
What is your tip for keeping skin beautiful?
'A great skincare routine: find a brand that you love and know suits your skin. Make sure you protect your skin with an SPF 30 or 50 and drink plenty of water; this is a must!'
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
'I LOVE facials and waxing the most! Waxing is the most satisfying treatment to perform, whilst getting to know your client and have a good chin wag. With facials I love transforming peoples skin and helping them to feel relaxed.'




Mercedes Longmuir - Beauty Therapist

Mercedes has been with us since the beginning of 2014, she trained at Salisbury College and brings great enthusiasm to her role. Mercedes loves facials, body treatments and ensuring clients are completely pampered. In 2017 Mercedes became one of our Dermalogica 'Specialists'. Her warming personality will ensure you have a relaxing and tranquil time during your visit to the spa.

Q & A with Mercedes
Why did I get into beauty?
Beauty therapy has forever been an interest of mine. Having family within the trade meant I was always surrounded by the luxuries and excitement beauty has to offer. Bringing both happiness and relaxation to our clients always puts a smile on my face as well as it being so rewarding to us as therapists.
What is your tip for keeping your skin glowing?
Drinking plenty of water is always key! Keeping your skin hydrated will help to brighten and lighting your skins natural complexion. A regular skin care routine is also essential for maintaining general skin health. Something as easy as cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin daily will do wonders to your skins overall appearance and texture.
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
I am lucky enough that I actually enjoy doing every treatment we have to offer at Vita. The variety of treatments means that you never have a day that's the same and you can mix and match with treatments that are more holistic like facials and massage as well as results driven treatments such as nails and our hair removal. If I had to choose any treatment that I enjoyed performing the most it would have to be facials. I love skincare and the results good products have on the skin. The pure relaxation and tranquility a facial can give to a client is just amazing. Also, nothing beats a good face and scalp massage after a long and stressful day.



Justyna Misinska - Beauty Therapist

Justyna started with us at Vita in May 2015, she had been treating the ladies and gents of Salisbury in their homes and has decided to change to the spa environment and be a part of the team at Vita. Justyna is a very bubbly and attentive individual. She loves nails and is passionate about facials, having recently become one of our Dermalogica 'Specialists'. likes to make every client feel welcome.

Q & A with Justyna:
Why did you get into the beauty industry?
'I've been interested in the beauty industry since I was 19, so it felt right for it to become my profession. It is my passion and hobby at the same time, and I would not change my job for anything else.'
What is your tip for beautiful skin?
'Make sure to stick to a daily routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising. The brand which I truly recommend is Dermalogica. I'm using it myself and really notice the difference it makes to my skin; it is more radiant and hydrated.'
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
'I love doing all the treatments we offer in the spa, but my favourite is facials having recently qualified as a 'Specialist' level therapist with Dermalogica. I also love nails, as It gives me huge satisfaction to make people look glamorous and slimming treatments such as Cryolipolysis as I enjoy seeing the results people can acheive.



Robyn Wade - Beauty Therapist

Robyn joined us after college, having completed a long spell of work experience with us, she is very excited to now be working with us full time. Robyn is a very bubbly and cheery person. She'll be sure to make any individual feel comfortable and welcome. In 2017 Robyn became one of our Dermalogica 'Specialists'.

Q & A with Robyn:
Why did you get into the Beauty industry?
'Beauty has always been a passion of mine, so to start training and working in the beauty industry was a no brainer.'
What is your tip for a good home routine?
'A good regular cleansing routine twice a day is key. My favourite cleanser to use is the dermalogica essential cleansing solution, it leaves the skin clean and refreshed ready for the day ahead.'
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
'I love performing facials; I love that they not only benefit the clients skin but are super relaxing too! Pedicures are another favourite treatment of mine.'



Poppy Allen- Beauty Therapist

We welcomed Poppy into the Vita team in 2017. She had studied Beauty Therapy and a Diploma in Reflexology at Peter Symonds College in Winchester, having been inspired by her Mum to follow her path into beauty. She enjoys meeting people and providing professional client care, so you are sure to be in good hands.

Q & A with Poppy:
Why did you get into the beauty industry?
'I have always had an interest in beauty therapy as my Mum is in the profession. My passion developed from being surrounded by the tranquil environment beauty therapy offers. I thoroughly enjoy pampering people and find it very rewarding'.
What is your tip for keeping skin healthy and radiant?
'I believe the most important thing is definitely keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking plenty of water, as well as a well balanced diet is essential to beautiful sin. Using good quality products and having a strict regime of cleansing, toning and moisturising will be beneficial and ensure you have enough hours of beauty sleep'.
What is your favourite treatment and why?
'I honestly enjoy performing all treatments – which is great as you get to do such a variety and see all the benefits from these. In particular, facials are lovely to perform, just as they are to receive; so relaxing and beneficial for your skin'.




Lucy Hicks - Beauty & Holistic Therapist


Lucy has joined us this year and is an addition to our holistic specialists. Lucy specialises in massage, reflexology, and our body treatments. She is also an aromatherapist so is a great choice if you love your essential oils and can help you pick which of our in house blended oils is right for you. Her holistic, whole body approach and reflexology training makes her a very calming person. In 2017 Lucy became one of our Dermalogica 'Specialists'.

Q & A with Lucy:
Why did you get into the massage industry?

'I first showed interest in the industry when I was a child and would look through my Mums 'Mmind, body, spirit' magazine.
Each week you would collect crystals and essential oils. I loved it and my interest just kept on growing. I went to college and studied complementary therapies and beauty with an aim to provide a range of treatments and give advice to clients on how to apply holistic and beauty treatments to benefit everyday life.'
What is your tip for relieving tired, achy muscles?
'The best thing when you're feeling tired or achy is taking a time out and ensuring you use this time to relax, which of course can be easier said than done. Using a combination of applying heat, stretches and appropriate massage and essentials oils, when you have the time. For example, a heatpad on your muscles whilst in bed or stretching before leaving the house or on lunch breaks are great at relieveing tight muscles. Regular meditation and yoga are great for clearing and relaxing the body and mind.'
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
'It's difficult to choose a favourite treatment. I love the variety I get from being both a massage and beauty therapist. The best days are when no treatment is the same as the last and I have a bit of everything.The calming treatments of facials and massage, followed by the interaction and creativity of manicures and pedicures and weight loss treatments is great!'



Julie Deeker - Beauty & Massage Therapist

Julie joined Vita in 2016 after relocating from Cornwall. Previously she was a therapist in hotel based spas including Bovey Castle and Fistral Beach Hotel Spa. Julie specialises in our various massages, including sports massage and deep tissue. If you have a specific injury or are in need of a deep massage then she will ensure you leave feeling rejuvenated and revitalised. If its your skin in need of help, then Julie loves facials and body treatments too.

Q & A with Julie:
Why did you get into the Beauty industry?
A change of career into beauty which led me to massage which I love.
What is your tip for relaxation?
To take time for yourself.
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
My favourite treatment to perform is deep massage as this can help people in so many ways; general wellbeing, flexibility and relaxation . There are massages to suit everyone's needs.



Jessica Savage- Beauty Therapist

Jessica joined Vita in 2017 with many years of experience gained within a local salon. She brings with her a vast knowledge and experience of waxing, facials and massage, plus much more. Jessica is sure to serve Vita clients with confidence and care. She loves to see results and to make sure you leave feeling great.

Q & A with Jessica:
Why did you get into the Beauty industry?
I have always had a love and interest for beauty, I started off completing a massage course then knew I had to go back and complete all aspects of beauty therapy. I love that you can forever add endless amounts of treatments to your experience and are always learning. It's such a rewarding job I love seeing the results of a treatment, but also love seeing how great you have made a client feel.
What is your tip for relaxation?
I like to give myself a relaxing pamper evening allowing myself time to unwind and relax. I love looking after my skin so I will normally give my skin some 'TLC' involving a mini facial and mask in the evening. Also exercise is something I like to do to unwind and de-stress.
What is your favourite treatment to perform and why?
I am very lucky that I like a variety of treatments, it's great that every day is different. I love seeing the results and hearing feedback of how good clients feel after visiting. I love the satisfaction of waxing & hair removal but I also love performing facials and massage and seeing how uplifted your client is once they have left.



Alice James - Beauty Therapist

Alice joined Vita in 2008 and worked for Vita for many years. After leaving in 2015 to have her son, Alice has recently come back to Vita in 2017. Alice specialises in nails and this is her passion. She also does most of our other treatments and loves eyelash extensions, waxing and facials. Alice is extremely upbeat and smiley and will leave you feeling happy and refreshed.










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